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Our story

 Food and Family, our back yard chickens
on our back yard barbecue just tasted better. That 
was the deciding factor. Good quality food over 
wood was simply better. We knew we had the 
theme to our restaurant, it would smell like a late 
night campfire. Man has been curing, preserving
and cooking with wood fire for over thousands of 
years, and somehow we have stepped away from it.  
This would be our resurgence back to that primal
 flavor we institutionally hunger for.

Fire is the essence. It is alive, like a
 restaurant should be, continually changing and 
developing. It burns with the fuel it is fed and 
the attention it is given. We strive for that 
change and growth. Whether it is the menu 
changing with the season or changing beer taps
 for the next new inspiration.  

Craft is a pastime or a professional that 
requires particular skills and knowledge of 
skilled work. Our Craft is in the food, working 
the fire, using our palate and experience to create
 the next dish. Designing the menus and drink 
lists with specific thought and consideration.  
Creating an atmosphere for others to share in the 
work of other craftsmen and craftswomen. With 
each experience, menu and inspiration our craft 
will change and evolve, leaving an expression of 
who we are.  

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